for international students in Birmingham

Many international students never have the opportunity to enter a British home. Those who do enjoy deeper friendships and the opportunity to find out more about life and customs in England.  Their hosts also get to enjoy a rich, cross-cultural experience.

Friends International has been arranging hospitality for international students for over 30 years. Our Local Home Link scheme connects members of local churches with international students and academics of all beliefs, traditions and cultures.  Some hosts are single, some are married, some are families. Some hosts and guests only meet up once but others meet regularly throughout the academic year.

We give every host a short guide on building cross-cultural friendships and all the support they need. We usually send two students to each household as we find this makes for easier conversation. It is often good to start off with a meal but students enjoy participating in all sorts of aspects of British life – walks, baking, gardening, games etc.


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On the form, you can tell us about any preferences you have e.g. for nationalities, hobbies etc. You can also tell us anything which may affect who we place with you – location, dietary requirements and pets.