for international students in Birmingham

Welcome to Birmingham!

If you are an international student or academic who is new to Birmingham, we would like to invite you

Either to a free welcome meal

Or to a £3 Scottish dancing evening.

You must book a place in advance by clicking on one of the links below. Please only book one event, so that there are places for as many new students as possible.

Selly Oak Welcome Meal – Full – Click here to check for cancellations

Friday 5th October, 7.00pm. Selly Oak (5 minutes walk from UoB South Gate). You will get to meet local people, enjoy a meal (your choice of chicken or vegetarian) including dessert, and hear about future events for international students.

Harborne Scottish Ceilidh – £3 – Book Ticket

Saturday 6th October, 7.00pm. Harborne (15-20 minutes walk from Pritchatts Park or NW side of UoB campus). Join us for an evening of traditional Scottish dancing in partnership with St John’s Harborne. No experience is needed. We ask for a £3 contribution to costs as we will be providing a live band, drinks, snacks and free lifts (see below).

We are offering lifts home for international students from 9.30pm onwards. There are also a limited number of lifts available to St John’s Harborne from four locations: Jarratt Hall, The Vale, Pritchatts Park and Newman University. If you would like to book one of these, please email us at